Ejaz Gallery showcases the work of art masters

Ejaz Gallery showcases  the work of art masters

LAHORE: Following its tradition of exhibiting excellent artwork, the Ejaz Art Gallery opened ‘Icons of Art from Pakistan’ past Thursday.
The exhibition showcased the work of some of the biggest art masters of Pakistan. The exhibition was a delight for the visitors, since such a diverse range of artwork was presented under one roof.
Colin David, who is best known for his nudes and portraits, had a great chunk of his work on display. The gallery had very carefully chosen to display not only his portraits but also his non-figurative compositions that showcase his life studies. 
AR Nagori’s work that was on display highlighted his commitment to painting social injustices and political evils, especially the plight of women. 
Saeed Akhtar’s trademark self-portraits and his paintings of women in enticing contouring drapery were put up on display. 
MF Hussain’s famous lithographs done in cubist style were an interesting addition to the display, as his work borders on satirical representations of the ‘Orientalist’ and ‘the Oriental’. Also on display were Jamil Naqsh’s daringly uncensored nudes done in abstract but the craftsmanship of his calligraphic line almost make them realistic. 
Zulqurnain Haider’s serene landscapes of Punjab’s rural life, on the other hand, provided a peaceful, romantic edge to the overall exhibition, almost acting as a respite from the psychological and social upheaval that is representative of most other artists. 
Other works on display included Gulgee’s famous paintings using the patterns of marble and lapis lazuli in his compositions, Sadequain’s portrait drawing and calligraphy, Ahmed Parvez’s bouquet motifs, Allah Bux’s very realistic pastel landscapes that are also very daringly experimental, Chugtai’s etchings depicting queens and kings and Bashir Ahmed’s graphite miniatures. 
The brain behind this massive display of artworks was the curator of the Ejaz Art Gallery, Muhammad Ramzan. The idea was to serve the art community by showcasing their work at such a platform where it is accessible to an average audience. 
The exhibition was organised solely for the art lovers and there was no commercial aspect to it. It is very rare that one gets to see the works of all the masters under one roof.
Apart from Saeed Akhtar and Bashir Ahmad, whose work was on display, many young yet renowned artists of Pakistan, such as RM Naeem, Zulfikar Ali Zulfi and Ghulam Mustafa, were also presented at the opening of the exhibition. The exhibition will continue until March 1.

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