Bill for daycare facility at work places adopted

Bill for daycare facility at work places adopted

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly, adopting ‘The Punjab Shops and Establishment (Amendment) Bill 2013’, has declared it mandatory to establish a ‘Day Care Room (DCR)’ at every shop, industry, organisation, institute, office or other business places where more than 24 women are employed.
The bill was moved by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah in the Punjab Assembly during its Thursday session in which fine charges were also increased from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 on the violation of laws, rules and regulations.
According to the bill, a working lady could carry her less than six years of children to her place of work.
Some of the legislators from opposition moved some amendments to the bill and demanded the government declare DCR “Day Care Centre” for improving its management and providing facilities of health and sports to working ladies’ children.
They also suggested giving a break of half an hour after every three hours to working women so that they might look after their children. The treasury did not agree with these suggestions and rejected all of them.
The Punjab Assembly session on Thursday started one hour and 27 minutes late than its schedule time of 10am, under the chair of Speaker Rana Iqbal.
The House adopted Question Hour about the Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department and provincial minister Tanveer Aslam answered related queries.
The minister for housing, urban development and public health engineering told the House that show cause notices have been served on 16 officials responsible for a blaze in LDA Plaza.
He also informed the House that an inquiry report had been completed and an application to register an FIR against the 14 persons has also been filed in the police station. 
He also assured the House that he would table the inquiry report before the House next week.
Responding to queries about Ashiana Housing Scheme, he told the House that his government was planning to launch the scheme in Bahawalpur and Vehari districts and land for the purpose was being searched.
He said that due to lack of resources, the government had not built any sewerage drain for Lahore and it was relying on 12 drains, already existing in the city.
During the proceedings, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) backed Opposition Leader in the House Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed and legislator Arif Abasi from Rawalpindi district for criticising the Metro Bus Service (MBS) project for Lahore city. They also opposed the extension work on the same project at Azadi Chowk and Chungi Amar Sadu at the cost of Rs 7 billion.
They said that more than 15 million people are living in Lahore and less than one percent people have been facilitated by the MBS project while 99 percent population of the city was facing serious problems of unemployment, poor health, education and clean water. They demanded the government use this money on the betterment of people rather than using it on unnecessary projects.
Arif Abbasi told the House on a point of order that his city, Rawalpindi did no need any project like Metro Bus Service because an Express Highway could be constructed easily with the amount of money the government plans to spend on Metro Bus Service. 
He also demanded the provincial government create opportunities of employment for jobless youth of his city.
Responding to this, the law minister said that critics of government who were calling MBS project a “Jangla Bus” are now feeling embarrassment over its success. 
Jamaat-e-Islami MPA Dr Waseem Akhtar also highlighted the issue of privatisation policy of the government on a point of order, and claimed the PMLN government had planned to privatise about 35 institutions, including WAPDA and PIA, on the directions IMF. He demanded the House take notice of the matter seriously.

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