PU holds Youth Convention 2014

* Education minister says youth policy formed by sitting govt to tackle all problems faced by youngsters
PU holds Youth  Convention 2014

LAHORE: The Youth Convention 2014 was held at the Faisal Auditorium of Punjab University (New Campus) on Sunday, with the participation of around 600 foreign students from different universities and discussions on various themes.
The PU Directorate of Students Affairs and the Punjab Higher Education Department jointly organised the convention, where Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan was the chief guest. 
Three sessions were held on the occasion on the topics ‘Unity in Diversity’, ‘Bridging the Digital Divide: Pakistan on Cross Roads’ and ‘Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities in Pakistan’.
Speaking on the occasion, the education minister said that the Punjab government – after extensive research work – had formed a youth policy to tackle all problems faced by the youth of Punjab. 
He said the Punjab government had been entrusted with a serious responsibility of engaging this youth in positive healthy activities.
He said the policy also offers part-time job placement to students during their studies, internship programmes soon after completion of degree programme and job or entrepreneurship loan opportunities after the internship.
Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had taken keen interest in developing, energising and providing facilities to the youth. He said that laptop scheme, Punjab Education Endowment Fund and many other initiatives had been launched and scholarships were being provided to the students who could not study otherwise.
He said that he did not recall any government of the Punjab or any chief minister of any province who had taken such initiatives and “we are thankful to Shahbaz Sharif who really had the youth involved in positive and healthy activities”.
Expressing his views on a dialogue titled ‘Bridging the Digital Divide: Pakistan on Cross Roads’, the VC said that internet had made the entire world a library and a lot of information which were concealed from the masses of the world had now become accessible. He said that one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind was printing which made it possible to provide copies of a book to a very large number of people across the continents. 
He said that after the invention of printing, computer and Internet were the greatest inventions and now we could access documents, which a government would never release.  He said that now one could find documents, which described how the world was being controlled by the financial elite.
“The documents will tell you how much wealth this elite has, how this elite manipulates different nations to bring about wars, how this elite funds both parties in the war and provides loans with high interest rate to both the parties,” Dr Kamran said. He said that things about terrorism that we could have never known, it was only through Internet we could find such things. He said that if one wanted to find something about any subject, one could read a lot of things on the Internet.
Addressing the open discussion on the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’, renowned analyst Sohail Warraich said that there was no preference in our religion on the basis of caste, race and colour. 
He said that we must accept diversity to ensure unity. He said that the modern definition of the democracy was that it was the government of majority, which looked after minority. He said that our language Urdu was the best example of diversity and that’s why Urdu was prospering. He said that the key to success was that we accepted each other and each other’s point of view.

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