Fuel fears force motorists to swarm filling stations

LAHORE: Owing to abrupt closure of gas filling stations on Thursday and some petrol filling stations on Friday in the wake of simmering political crisis, panicked motorists have to queue up outside a few filling station that are still open for hours to get a few drops of petrol to take the wheel. 
Already marred by traffic jams caused by road closures in different parts of the city ahead of a possible showdown between opposition and the government tomorrow (Sunday), motorists are trying to save maximum fuel as per their affordability because there are chances that suspension of fuel supply could prolong – throughout the next week.
A filling station staff said that most of the motorists were getting their tanks filled to the capacity because of ominous fear that fuel sale would remain suspended until after August 14 due to Azadi March announced by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. 
He said that nobody knows what would be the fuel supply situation over the weekend. 
Muhammad Ali, who was waiting for his turn at a filling station in Barkat Market, said that uncertainty about fuel supply had forced him to get his tank filled. He criticised the government for its inability to manage the ongoing political unrest and instead creating problems for citizens.   
Another citizen, Zahid, said that CNG stations were also closed down abruptly on Thursday that caused huge problems for motorists. He also urged the government to resolve political matters at political platforms instead of affecting daily-life activities of citizens.   
Business activity in the city is already being affected by parking of shipping containers in Model Town to contain the activities of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) workers.

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