LHC CJ seeks ‘explanation’ from Imran over workers’ ‘hooliganism’

* PTI chief’s counsel regrets before court over irresponsible behaviour of Imran’s supporters who forcibly enter courtroom after breaking the outer door

LAHORE: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial directed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan to state his position in writing about the incident that took place at the entrance of the court on Wednesday, where a number of his supporters created disturbance during the hearing of a petition by the National Assembly speaker. 
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq had challenged the Election Commission order on an election petition of Imran Khan for inspection of the record of NA-122, Lahore.
The chief justice observed that precautions “must be taken by persons with political following who have an added duty to control irresponsible behaviour of their supporters. The brash conduct by fervent supporters in the present case should have been anticipated and prevented”.
The CJ directed the counsel for Imran Khan to submit a written explanation on behalf of his client to state his position on the incident.
He postponed the hearing of the petition until May 12 and observed that the court would see the explanation to be submitted by the respondent fist and then decide the fate of the main case. 
Ahmad Awais, the counsel of Imran, expressed his regrets before the court for the crowd who forcibly entered the courtroom. The outer doors of the court were unhinged in the process, but the court proceedings were not interfered. However, the forcible entry by some zealots into the courtroom did disturb the decorum and tranquillity of the court.
Because of the disturbance the hearing was held in the chambers of the chief justice. The chief justice called the counsel for Imran to the chamber where he, (Awais) regretted the rash behaviour of some supporters of Imran. He said that he advised his client to leave the courtroom in order to disperse the enthusiasts, and Imran left the LHC.
The CJ appreciated the statement of counsel for Imran and observed, “The canons of conduct for attending courts of law require respect, patience and tolerance to be displayed by all attendees. 
On Wednesday, Imran Khan came to the LHC to attend the proceedings of the petition moved by Ayaz Sadiq. A large number of PTI workers were already present at the LHC before the arrival of Imran, and as he reached, the workers followed him to the courtroom. 
Security personnel closed the door of the courtroom from the inside after the entrance of Imran Khan and hundreds of his party workers remained outside. The charged workers tried to enter the courtroom and door of the court was ejected in that attempt.
When Imran and his supporters left the court premises, the CJ resumed the hearing in an open court after two hours. 

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