Imran prods judges into doing justice on rigging in elections

* Asks judges whether they are with oppressors or democracy lovers * PTI will move courts and take to streets against ‘biggest fraud’ in electoral history of Pakistan

SIALKOT: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Saturday asked the judges to do justice on the alleged rigging in the general elections of the last year.
Addressing a public meeting in Sialkot against alleged election rigging, he said that his party will move courts and take to streets as well against the poll rigging. He claimed that the last general election saw historic fraud, saying the election commission officials had said amid the polling that they had failed to conduct a transparent election. He said that DPO of Hafizabad ran the election campaign of his rival party. He also played a tape of the DPO purportedly talking during the rally. 
The PTI chief also criticised the government over the budget. Addressing the judiciary during his address to the participants of the rally, Imran asked whom should the PTI seek justice if the judiciary cannot provide it. “I want to talk to honourable judges, you have to face God one day and the scale of justice that God expects from judges is your responsibility and the other responsibility is what people had put on you when they took to streets for judiciary’s independence,” Imran said. “People faced jails and harassments; I also spent eight days in jail. People are looking at you. The biggest fraud in the history of the country was May 11’s election.”
Imran asked the judiciary whose side its is on. “We all had high hopes from you. I ask with all due respect to all judges whether you will provide the justice to people of Pakistan. Will you stand by oppressors who stole people’s mandate or with those people who want real democracy? We haven’t gotten justice yet,” he said. “In the NA-118 constituency, the (election) tribunal decided that recounting will take place, a judge, Justice (r) Munir Mughal, recounted votes in 15 days and revealed 90,000 votes were bogus. What we read in newspaper is that NADRA chairman was changing ballots after turning off CCTV camera.”
Quoting Hamid Zaman’s case, he said that the PTI leader spent Rs 5.7 million to get justice, but he has been waiting for a year now. “Tell me honourable judges where should people like us and Hamid Zaman would go if we don’t get justice?” he asked.

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