Writers, artists urged to spread peace and harmony

LAHORE: The speakers at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)’s convention called upon the writers and artists to spread the message of peace, humanity and love through the power of their writings and art.
They urged youth to come forward and don’t forget their responsibilities in bringing change in society. 
National Writers and Artist Convention was held on HRCP’s Durab Patel Auditorium on Saturday. Secretary General HRCP, IA Rehman, renowned writer Munoo Bhai, artist Qudoos Mirza, Madiha Gohar and large number of writers across Pakistan, members of civil society and students of different universities were present on the occasion.
The opening session titled the issues of youth and responsibilities of writers and artist was moderated by renowned writer Asghar Nadeem Syed. Wrtiers and comunists across Pakistan including Sheen Shaukat from Peshawar, Sahar Ansari from Karachi, Gul Zaman from Quetta, Zahida Hina from Karachi, Parvesh Shaheen from Swat, Hayat Roghani from Charsadda and others spoke about the writer’s responsibilities. 
While addressing the session, Sahar Ansari was of the view that youth was going away from book reading habit as globalisation and information technology had taken the youth far away from literature. 
He said writers in every era had tries to write about changing the youth but the easy reach of these writings towards youth was important to address. He also criticised capitalism for massive change in behavior of youth in last few decades. 
Zahida Hina paid tribute to renowned freedom fighter Nelson Mandela and urged the youth to study his life style and struggle that how he wrote charter of freedom in South Africa when he was young. 
She was of the view that we had history, fine arts and philosophy from youth by converting their attention towards science and technology. 
Quddus Mirza was of the view that art in recent few years and especially the last decade has done its best to spread the humanity, love and peace. He said that this medium was the best tool in spreading the message against terrorism and extremism but it was important to understand the need of the art and its proper utilisation. 
Madiha Gohar said that art and artists had always raised their voices against dictators, terrorism, extremism and there were always some artists who stand united against all these in every era, however they had to face several challenges and punishments.

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