Ad hoc nurses stage sit-in for regularisation

Ad hoc nurses stage sit-in for regularisation

LAHORE: A number of nurses appointed on an ad hoc basis held a protest for their demands and staged a sit-in on the road in front of the Lahore Press Club for several hours on Wednesday. 
The nurses stop their eight-hour protest after assurances given by PML-N leader Khawaja Imran Nazir and Health DG Zahid Pervaiz that they would organise a meeting with all stakeholders on Saturday to resolve the genuine issues of the protesters.
The nurses from all the public hospitals, including DHQ and THQ hospitals of Lahore reached in front of the LPC at around 9am and staged a sit-in there till evening, thus putting pressure on the government to accept their demands. The nurses said the government had ignored them though they were supporting the healthcare system in hospitals. They said that their colleagues in other districts of the Punjab had also observed complete strike in their hospitals and showed solidarity with the community for fulfilment of their demands. They were holding banners and placards, inscribed with slogans and demands, and also raising slogans against the government.
The nurses demanded the government immediately announce regularisation of nurses working under contract, ad-hoc basis as well as promotions for nurses. Meanwhile, no representative of the Punjab government had reached the spot to hold negotiations with the nurses for several hours, however, Khawaja Imran Nazir and Dr Zahid Pervaiz held negotiations with them. 
The nurses were of the view that they were the true servants of a society and nobody else would be willing to take care of the ailing human beings the way they serve them in filth and in risky environments during the spread of contagious and deadly disease like dengue, swan flu, measles, bird flu and others. At least three nurses even passed away by catching dengue fever while serving the patients in special wards of different hospitals. They further added that the nurses stayed away in their offices and served public even when others from their profession were sitting on the roads for their genuine rights.
The nurses showed their satisfaction on their commitment but they said if health department and other concerned people would not fulfill their demands than nurses once again will come on the road across the Punjab. 
Citizens have to face traffic mess on busy roads due to protest demonstrations of nurses in front of the Lahore Press Club. People could not reach their destinations in time and they had to use alternate routes. The Mall, Lawrence Road, Nicklson Road, Devis Road, Jail Road, Egerton Road, Empress Road, Abbot Road and other roads remained packed with vehicles for several hours.

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