‘Govt owes explanation to nation on Islamabad attack’

‘Govt owes explanation to nation on Islamabad attack’

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Punjab President Mian Manzoor Wattoo has said that the federal government in general and the Interior Ministry in particular owe an explanation to the nation about the terrorist attack at Islamabad District Court on Monday.
In a statement Wattoo pointed out that only a couple of days ago government mandarins made tall claims of securing the federal capital by taking “fool proof arrangements” when earlier Parliamentary Committee was apprised by responsible officers that the capital was under imminent threat of terrorists. He observed that his claim of fool proof security for the capital had flown on the face of the government when terrorists struck in the early hours on Monday last killing scores of people as they resorted to indiscriminate firing in the premises of district court and alsohurled hand grenades on the people there.
He advised the top functionaries of the Ministry of seriously considering shifting from as they had failed in providing security even in the capital not to speak of the rest of the country. Their stature will take a quantum jump if they act upon the piece of advice rendered, he added. He regretted his failed attempt in trying to find escape route by comparing the terrorists’ attacks in other provinces at the floor of the House was exemplary erroneous justification. It did not absolve him of the responsibility.
It was synonymous of saying that since they had failed and therefore their failing was not a big deal. Interior Minister’s argument is grossly detrimental to sense of proportion and therefore devoid of accurate prognosis, he maintained. On the question of by-elections in PP Jhang on Monday, the PPP President of Punjab said that his apprehensions of election manipulation by the Punjab administration had proved correct beyond a shadow of doubt. He also observed that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leaders were compulsive manipulators adding old habits die hard indeed.

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