Rain doubled Eid celebrations for Lahore




LAHORE: Rain on the Eid days doubled Eidul Fitr celebration and joy for Lahoris on Tuesday.

The Eid day commenced with special prayers offered at eid-gahs and mosques across the city amid tight security for country’s progress and security. The Ulema highlighted significance and philosophy of Eidul Fitr, whereas special prayers were offered for the IDPs and people of Palestine, while addressing the congregations.
‘Sawayan’, ‘sheer khurma’ and ‘kheer’ are traditional dishes of the Eidul Fitr prepared and distributed among neighbours and relatives by the citizens. The children receive Eidi from their elders, and some children were also observed forcing elders, cousins, neighbours and other people for Eidi as this was a tradition.
The biggest Eid prayer congregation was observed at the Badshahi Mosque where the Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar offered Eid prayers, while Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif offered Eid prayers at Model Town.
The festival of Eidul Fitr is celebrated every year at the end of the holy month of Ramazan as a celebration of achieving blessings of Allah during Ramazan. 
Rain on the first day of Eid did not allow people to go to parks and public places but they thronged markets, fast food restaurants and other food shops on the evening. Whereas large number of people thronged to parks, cinemas, restaurants, zoo and other recreational places on the second and third day of the Eid
A massive rush was observed in all major parks and public places including the Lahore Zoo, Gulshan Iqbal Park, Race Course Park, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Model Town Park, Fortress Stadium, Lahore Fort, Shalamar Bagh, Kamran Ki Baradari at Ravi river, Badshahi Mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan.
Meanwhile, there were traffic jams in the surroundings of all named places where traffic wardens were unable to control the flow of traffic causing citizens to panic, especially families. Traffic jams were observed at Sabzazar, Samanabad, Chauburji on Multan Road, Data Darbar, Azadi Chowk, Mall Road, Dubai Chowk Allama Iqbal Town, Ferozpur Road and on other main roads.  The people that visit public places also complained of sub-standard food items at high price. They said that no authorities were present to check quality and prices of food items as vendors sold them on arbitrary rates. Meanwhile, illegal parking stands were also setup around public parking spaces to mint money, all such parking stands charged Rs 20 to Rs 30 for motorbikes, Rs 30 to Rs 50 for cars and Rs 50 to Rs 100 for vans. Minor scuffles were observed between citizens and contractors of these parking stands. Besides enjoying in parks and public places, a large number of citizens also spent the occasion with their relatives and loved ones and to make the occasion memorable by visiting each other. 
Those who spent Eid days with their relatives believed that Eid is the festival to celebrate with loved ones including family members and relatives. They said that the best way to celebrate Eid is to share love among relatives. 

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