Salmaan Taseer was a great humanist and unswerving democrat: Zardari

I am pleased to learn that the Daily Times is bringing out a special supplement on the birth anniversary of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer to pay homage to the memory of a great humanist, an unswerving democrat and an astute political worker.
Apart from being a humanist par excellence Shaheed Salmaan Taseer was also endowed with extra-ordinary courage and conviction. He was always more than willing and ready to stand up and fight for the rights of the marginalized and persecuted sections of the society. Dauntless as he was nothing could deter him from pursuing what he believed to be right and proper. Indeed fear was a word unknown to him.
Shaheed Salmaan Taseer was a multi dimensioned person who set new standards of excellence in whichever field of endeavor he chose to join. Success came to him naturally whether in politics, in the pursuit of human rights ideals, in entrepreneurship or in the media. Not many individuals are as fortunate as Shaheed Salmaan Taseer in achieving remarkable success in such diverse fields in the span of a life time.
The assassination of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer at the hands of his own guard in the name of religion symbolizes the malaise of religious extremism and fanaticisms that afflicts our country today. Let us pay him tributes today by saying an emphatic no to religious extremism and militancy in the name of religion. Salmaan Taseer embraced martyrdom but refused to concede to the self appointed custodians of religion a self assumed right that they alone have the prerogative to understand and interpret the word of Allah.
On the eve of the birth anniversary of Salmaan Taseer let us pledge that we will never surrender before extremism and religious fanaticism and never concede to any individual or class of people the right to solely interpret the word of God.
May Allah rest the soul of Salmaan Taseer in eternal peace.


Taj Haider:
Salman Taseer was friend and was progressive. He had progressive background for at least two generations, son of doctor and nephew of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Progressiveness was part in his political consciousness. Irrespective to what religion or political thoughts he belonged, he stood for justice.

Senator Saeed Ghani:
Salman Taseer struggled for the democracy with Pakistan Peoples Party.  Many people are still unaware about the contributions and sacrifices he gave during his fight against dictatorship. During dictatorship days he had to face financial losses also. But the way he lost his life and the society showed tolerance towards the incident is moment to think.

Sharjeel Memon: 
Salman Taseer had the courage to stand up for his principals. During dictatorship days he endured jail and torture along with other PPP workers. Taseer was the voice of a liberal Pakistan and believed in freedom of speech.

Sassui Palejo, ex-MPA: 
PPP is proud that it produced such courageous person in its ranks. He was the man who believed in the human rights and he stood like rock for it. We value his services. He was amongst the true companion of mohtarma Benazir Bhuuto, who did not bend when it came the principals. He was source of inspiration. He saw dream regarding better education and environment of people and acted to fulfill his dream.

Sharmila farooqui: 
A courageous man who stood steadfast for a secular, progressive Pakistan. A tragic loss. As Shaheed Mohatarma Benzair Bhutto said: You can kill a man but not an idea.” The cause he always stood for should not go in vain.

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