Army chief to decide how far he goes in my ‘defence’: Musharraf

* Ex-COAS says army ‘concerned’ and ‘offended’ over issue of his treason trial * Says case politically-motivated, but hopeful to get justice from judiciary
Army chief to decide how far he goes in my ‘defence’: Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: Pervez Musharraf said on Sunday that he has left it to the army chief to deicide how far he will go in his (Musharraf’s) defence in the treason case.
In an interview with BBC Urdu at his Chak Shahzad farmhouse, the former military ruler claimed that the army was concerned and offended over the issue. He said the Pakistan Army is a disciplined force with which he has spent good and bad days and had fought wars. To the question how far the army will go to save him, Musharraf said opinion is sought within the army, but it is the army chief who makes the final decision. “I leave it to him that what will he do,” Musharraf said.
He denied that the army was his last hope, explaining that he is receiving “feedback” and he knows the ground-level thinking in the army. He claimed that not only the army but the common man also remembers his reign during which the poverty level was brought down and motorcyclists were able to purchase cars. When asked whether the silence of the army over the treason case against him showed its consent, Musharraf said this question should be asked to former army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.
However, he said, it is better that everything happened “quietly”. He said that in case of any action the newspapers publish distorted reports which lead to rumours. In that case, he said, the truth becomes falsehood and the falsehood becomes truth. “So it’s better that everything is done quietly,” he said. Musharraf vowed to face the trial against him. He said there was nothing in the case and it was politically motivated. He claimed that the basic requirements of the law are also being violated in the case and added that he did not know how far the special court hearing the treason trial against him was impartial. However, the former strongman said he was hopeful he would get justice from the judiciary and the Supreme Court.
Meanwhile, police on Monday found explosives on a road close to the home of Pervez Musharraf, two days before he is to appear before a treason tribunal. The 2.5 kilos of explosives and two detonators were found around two kilometres from the retired general’s home on the edge of Islamabad. The discovery was made close to where five kilos of explosives were found on last Tuesday, as Musharraf’s treason trial was due to start. The case was adjourned to Wednesday because of the security alert.
The treason allegations are the latest in a series of serious criminal charges relating to Musharraf’s 1999-2008 rule, brought against him since he returned from exile in March. “We have found five packets of explosive material, each weighing half a kilo, with two detonators,” police chief for Bani Gala, Abdul Rauf Kayani, told AFP. He said the material was found on the central reservation of Park Road, the main road leading to central Islamabad from the leafy suburb where Musharraf lives. 

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