Afghanistan sets seven conditions for cooperation in war against terrorism

KABUL, Afghanistan – After recent telephonic contacts between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai and visit of a delegation from Kabul to Islamabad, Afghan Hamid Karzai has laid down his country's conditions in a letter and offered suggestions to Pakistan relating to joint counter-terrorism efforts.

President Karzai has written in the letter about recent military operations launched by Pakistan in Northern Waziristan and regarding Afghanistan's help sought in this regard. He said "Based on Afghanistan continued stance, I'm supporting it when civilians sustained no injuries." Karzai laid down seven conditions for support saying these were essential for successful counter terrorism efforts.

The Afghan president said that all terrorists should be targeted without any discrimination; civilian casualties should be prevented; and all Taliban prisoners be released by Pakistan for resumption of peace talks in Afghanistan. Karzai demanded that all terrorists' sanctuaries and centres wherever they are should be destroyed, Pakistan's alleged rocket attacks on Afghanistan should be stopped; cooperation of regional countries like China and India should be sought for joint counter-terrorism efforts and a routemap should be sketched for specifying process related to better counter terrorism, bringing better coordination amongst the two countries and organizing contacts.

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