No deadlock, Taliban shura to meet govt functionaries soon, says Ibrahim

PESHAWAR – Jamaat-e-Islami leader and member of Taliban negotiating committee Professor Muhammad Ibrahim said on Wednesday that arrangements for holding talks between the government and Taliban mediators were underway.

Speaking to a foreign media service, he said that there were no differences between the two sides and there were grievances but these were no grounds for suspension of the talks' process. He dispelled the impression that the talks' process was approaching a deadlock or that distances were increasing between the two sides.

Ibrahim said that contacts had been established so that practical steps could be taken for the resumption of talks. He also said the Taliban had alleged that troops, helicopters and artillery were being deployed in South Waziristan and that the group was concerned about that.

He further said that arrangements for the holding of peace talks were underway and he had contacted Taliban shura member Maulana Azam Tariq in order to decide a time and place to hold the talks.

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