‘War on terror’ has failed, diplomacy needed: Fazl


ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F chief Fazalur Rahman has said that the “war on terror” has failed to end terrorism and militancy in the region, and renewed efforts are needed to move from militarism to diplomacy, dialogue and reconciliation. 
He was speaking to German Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Cyrill Nunn who met him here on Friday. In a statement issued here by JUI-F spokesperson, Jan Achakzai, the Maulana said that the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is genuinely trying to engage in dialogue with militants as it believes that talks can buy peace. He said that there is no place for extremism and militancy in Pakistan and the role of religion has been settled in the constitution; however, like some other laws, the constitution’s Islamic provisions need to be implemented to permanently block the way of those taking up arms for Shariat.
He said that unfortunately, Pakistan’s education system has not been reformed after the partition which has partly addressed modern and vocational  needs but wholly ignored religious studies. He said that though Madrasas were established to fill in the gap for imparting religious education, they also need to focus on modern educational and vocational studies. “We need to merge both systems in a manner that the deficiencies of the two systems are addressed and their strengths are also shared”, he added. The Maulana said that he does not want confrontation of the two systems but creative mix is the way forward.
The German Ambassador Dr Cyrill Nunn said that Germany is fully supporting Pakistan to deal with its challenges including militancy. He said that Germany has also extended support in vital sectors of the economy such as the energy, education and vocational sector, in an effort to help Pakistan progress in these fields. “We can assist Pakistan in energy, education and vocational training,” said Dr Cyrill Nunn. He pointed out that Germany, being a major trade partner of Pakistan in the European market, would continue to extend its diplomatic and political support to help explore more avenues for bilateral business.
He said Pakistan’s newly-acquired GSP Plus status will help the country increase its existing trade volume in European markets, highlighting textile, leather and wooden products’ high credentials in the international market. He said that Germany will also remain engaged in the region to help achieve peace and stability adding that Germany will not cut and run from Afghanistan after 2014 withdrawal. He said that Germany will continue to  help with Afghan economy as well.

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