‘Internet encouraging since launch of 3G-technology with new users’

KARACHI: The consumption of internet has been encouraging since the launch of 3G technology in the country with new users were starting experiencing high-speed internet for different purposes.Farooq Niaz Manager Corporate Communication of Telenore Pakistan at a workshop for journalists in collaboration with Karachi Union of Journalists KUJ-Dastoor) said growth of internet use on mobile phone devices was inevitable in the country as users would be moving towards 3G gradually from mobile phone technology of 2G of the last decade.Niaz giving a presentation on the features of 3G technology said internet, like all other necessities of life has become a basic need for personal, social and economic growth. The use of internet should not be bind to a group of peoples or a specific class of society for this purpose the telecom sector was making the cost of using next generation technologies affordable to common people, he added.Talking on the emergence of telecom in Pakistan, he said telecom industry has observed a sharp boost, which has changed the life of citizens, the journey from analog telephony to GSM and now 3G.Elaborating the technical aspects of 3G, he said the 1G and 2G were basically designed for the better voice services and the new generation technologies were based on better data services both voice and data and the 4G purely being a data centered technology.This emerging technology has key impacts on our socio economic life, as it would open new opportunities and possibilities for the social and economic growth, he added.Considering the economic social benefits of 3G Niaz said with high speed data services the faculties of video calling, live video streaming, e-education, e-health, e-commerce and new entrepreneurship opportunities would be available in Pakistan.With online health faculties the diagnostic services like ultrasound would be provided to the remote areas in time, he said. Telemedicine will be used to serve patients in remote and underserved areas of Pakistan. Remote consultations and diagnosis by video conferencing and scan on patients transmitting images to nearby hospitals and receiving instructions for treatment will improve survival rate of patients.While in the most areas of the country where the quality education does not exist due to unavailability of adequate faculty, this can facilitate remote education and a trained faculty in Karachi would be able to convey a lecture in a remote area of Balochistan, he said. The schools of rural areas can also access video lectures and study material via smart phones and laptops.Considering the economic impacts of 3G technologies it was said the surveys in the developing countries show the increases in the broadband penetration and employment opportunities. The currently 15 percent smartphone penetration in the country will also increase with introduction of this technology. By 2017 the market share of 3G and 4G services was expected to increase by 53 percent, which was targeted to generate revenue to billions of rupees by 2020. While a 10 percent shift from 2G to 3G or 4G would lead to 0.15 percent increase in Gross Domestic Products.

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