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Jhal Magsi district is named after the town of Jhal, which is the seat of the Magsi tribe of Balochistan with it’s current chief, Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi, the former Governor and Chief Minister of Balochistan. The word ‘Jhal’ means a waterway. So, basically the term ‘Jhal Magsi’ means the waterway of the Magsi. Jhal Magsi has a rich history and is home to a great sufi tradition and stories of folklore. Elders will mesmerize listeners with ballads of wars fought, won and lost. Of stories of having given refuge to the Emperor Humayun during his exile and also of Dara Shikoh, brother of the sixth Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Having a very protected and prosperous Hindu minority living in complete harmony with the largely muslim and tribal baloch majority, with shias and sunnis living amongst each other without and fear, I am proud to call it my home. Jhal Magsi is an arid area with a lot of rich potential for mining and agriculture. Located strategically between the Kirthar mountain range and the Sindh district of Larkana, Jhal Magsi is an important trade and commerce route and will also be the principal route between Gwadar and the rest of the country once the M-8 motorway is completed. Having one of the best sources of quality limestone, the mountains have great potential for mining of quality marble and granite, and also in the long term, the manufacturing of cement. With the construction of the Naulong Dam on the Mula river and the development of petroleum and gas fields, the people of the area have a great future ahead of them as long as the provincial and the federal governments, now and in the future, prioritise the development of this district for the benefit of its local populace and also to benefit the economy of the province as well as the country. 

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