Dasti drops ‘bombshell’, stuns National Assembly

Dasti drops ‘bombshell’, stuns National Assembly

ISLAMABAD: Independent MNA Jamshed Khan Dasti on Thursday dropped a bombshell in the National Assembly when he made the startling disclosure that the Parliament Lodges have turned into a “centre of immoral activities” where dance parties have become a norm.
The outspoken Dasti – known for making controversial and bold statements– stunned the fellow parliamentarians when he claimed that liquor worth millions of rupees is supplied in the Parliament Lodges. He also said weed was also consumed in the lodges. “Girls are brought in the lodges and dance parties are held there,” Dasti alleged and claimed that he has evidences in the form of videos about the holding of mujras (dance parties) in the lodges. Dasti questioned how liquor finds its way into the Parliament Lodges and demanded that the speaker should hold an enquiry into the issue, which he dubbed “serious”. He demanded screening tests of all the parliamentarians to detect those addicted to cannabis and liquor. Taken aback by the revelations, Naeema Kishore, who was chairing the proceedings, turned off his microphone and said that he could have made the disclosure to the speaker in his chamber along with the supporting evidence rather than using the floor of the House for it.
A mild protest from a PML-N woman lawmaker did not draw the attention of the chair. However, Raza Hayat Hiraj took the floor and called Dasti’s accusations as “devastating” and an attack on the parliamentarians who, he said, were the elected representatives of the country. “Dasti did not accused one person but all the parliamentarians,” he said and demanded he produce the proof and go to police station to lodge a complaint.
Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, who later took the seat, said Dasti should provide proof to back his claims. The atmosphere heated up more when members of Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) objected to “immorality being broadcast on TV channels in the shape of foreign contents and screening of Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas”.
Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ayisha Syed noted that the new generation is being pushed to disaster through immoral and vulgar content being aired on local channels. Meanwhile, PTI’s Ali Mohammad Khan took the floor to chide the screening of Indian movies in local cinemas and questioned who allowed it, and if permitted legally, then why are they not censured. 

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