PTI to continue protest until PM’s resignation: Imran

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Wednesday announced suspension of dialogue with government reiterating his unflinching stance that his party will continue his protest till the resignation of Premier Nawaz Sharif. 
Chairman PTI postponed the announcement of his further course of action for one day till Thursday, adding that his line of action would remain within the ambit of Constitution, but alarming for the sitting government.
“The real power lies with people... and I salute you... and congratulate you as you have won the match due to your steadfastness and determination against the sham democratic government established through snatching mandate of the masses,” Khan added. “We are the rebels of this fraudulent system devised to pamper the selected segments of the society,”  the PTI Chief said. PTI will make a democratic Pakistan to impart equal access of justice, education and health facilities for the masses,”  Khan claimed.   
Imran Khan flatly rejected the allegations that PTI was staging this protest on the demand of Army and declared his party as the sole political force which has no links with the establishment, and claimed the PML-N was patronized by former dictator General Zia-Ul-Haq and pampered with the funding of ISI. PTI chief said: “we believe PM Nawaz Sharif was involved in the pre-planned poll rigging” and match fixing observed during general elections of 2013, so under his premiership there is no possibility of justice.
 “PTI exhausted every option for seeking justice regarding the poll rigging but all our efforts were dashed into ground as 90 percent of the petitions were rejected by the Election Tribunals just due to minor technical grounds and we were not left for  any other option but to stage protest on roads,” PTI leader maintained. Imran Khan said: “now the government is offering me to accept the Deputy Prime Minister slot, but I have no interest in it,” claiming that the incumbent government “wanted to purchase me through such offers”.
 “We are struggling for the betterment of the masses and to strengthen the democracy in real sense as the prevalent sham democracy is just serving the vested interests of tiny ruling class that has occupied the wealth and resources of the country,” Khan expressed.  Khan said after the revelations made by Election Commission officials PM Nawaz Sharif has lost moral authority to remain and perform as PM slot. “But he is still having the position and hesitating to resign as he knows the transparent inquiry will throw him out as he was involved in the match fixing”.

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