Consumers Association of Pakistan awards best performing companies

KARACHI: Consumers Association of Pakistan (CAP) awarded the national, multinational companies and services providers with 9th Consumers Choice Award in a ceremony held on Wednesday, at a local hotel in Karachi.
The awards were distributed among the companies with best level of quality products and services with good consumer satisfaction.
The chief guest of the ceremony, Rauf Siddiqui, Minister of Industries and Commerce, applauded the actions taken by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Task-force, established to control the prices and directed the authorities to create an environment of trust among the consumers.
He said that we live in a society of strong religious beliefs which prohibits the adulteration and profiteering also the laws were present to ensure consumer rights; if these laws were implemented at least 25 percent, the effect would create a great change.
Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Commissioner Karachi, who was among the guests said that consumer rights were accepted all over the world, although in Pakistan the concept was for most not even recognized but now the thing were changing as there were consumer protection departments and forums working actively. He added that KMC have urged the High Court, media and the civil society to comprehend the cost of widespread violations of consumer’s rights on the economy.
He said that with the price control and the administrative measures the people were now submitting there complaints to KMC in great number. He added that every Assistant Commissioner was given the authority of a Consumer Court where immediate actions were taken on consumers complaints.
He said that consumer must know there right and power; only awareness among the customers would abolish the prolonged exploitation in prices, and quality of products and services.
Rauf Akhtar Farooqui, Administrator Karachi said that Karachi being the biggest city of Pakistan was home for a huge population of customers which had its own importance in the economy. 

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