BSO to continue protest until release of Zahid Baloch

KARACHI: Acting chairperson of Baloch Students Organisation-Azad (BSO-Azad) Karima Baloch has appealed to the human rights defenders, media and the world community to raise their voice for the release of BSO Chairman Zahid Baloch.
Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Sunday, Karima said her organisation was peacefully protesting against the alleged kidnapping or arrest of Zahid Baloch by the Frontier Corps. She said as a next step her organisation will formally contact the United Nations and other international human rights organisation for release of the BSO chief.
“Our simple demand is to produce our chairman and try him in the courts,” she said, and added that the BSO chairman must be treated as a political worker according to the Geneva Convention related to the treatment of prisoners.
“One of our leaders, Lateef Johar, is on hunger strike until death in front of Karachi Press Club for last 34 days. His condition is rapidly deteriorating but no attention is being paid to our demands. Our peaceful struggle will continue. In case Johar dies at the hunger camp, we have many others to continue with his mission. We will hold the government of Pakistan, its agencies and the United Nations responsible for the possible death of Johar,” she said.
Karima regretted that the national media has ignored the protest by the Baloch students. “Our colleagues at the hunger strike camp are being threatened by agencies who have tried to uproot the camp many a time. 
On many occasions police shelled on us. Sometimes masked men come in nights and threaten us to end this protest and the hunger strike camp,” she said, as she criticised the human rights organisations for ‘lack of support’.
She made it clear that her organisation is a peaceful and democratic organisation, which believes in peaceful and democratic struggle for the rights of Baloch students. “It is making efforts for provision of fundamental rights to the people so that they can live their lives peacefully according to their cultures and norms. It is raising voice against injustices, violation of human rights and usurpation of the fundamental rights of the people,” she added.

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