Banners against a judge ridiculous: SC

Court seeks report from Interior secretary, IB in 24 hours

ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court has disposed of Geo News petition against PEMRA ruling the decision given in 2012 be implemented and reply be filed by Interior Affairs secretary and Intelligence Bureau director general within 24 hours on matter of displaying of banners against a judge.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja ruled, “the country can be driven into dangerous situation in future if banners and posters can be displayed by penetrating into red zone at Islamabad. Judge can rescue from hearing of a case only if the party to the case is not only close relative of judge but also has close relations with him. I have no relations with Mir Shakil ur Rehman therefore, I can hear the case.”

The court disposed of the petition filed by Geo on a reply given by PEMRA wherein it has said the court’s orders are being implemented. A 2-member bench presided over by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja took up the case for hearing on Monday. At the inception of hearing, Attorney General Suleman Aslam appeared in the court.

Justice Jawwad remarked, “Be it judiciary or any other institutions they all are institutions of the people. Has the government shown any interest that these institutions are being targeted through mudslinging if it is doing something in this regard.” Hafiz Rehman recited the verse from the Holy Quran that respect and disgrace is in the hands of Almighty Allah.

Justice Jawwad remarked, “I have faith on it. Perhaps some persons have no faith on it.” Justice Jawwad remarked that find it out who has displayed these banners and when. Wherefrom these were got printed. CCTV cameras are installed. No angels had come who had displayed them. Government should tell it can do something in this respect or not. Ask from IB who are displaying these banners. Who are these Farzandan-e-Islam.”

Justice Jawwad remarked, “I am very sinful but one thing Allah has bestowed on me and it is faith. I have full faith on Almighty Allah about Whom it has been said ‘Sadda Saeen sub toon Dadha.’ Certain people consider them greater than Allah. This is a delusion on their part.” Justice Jawwad observed these banners are ridiculous.

Justice Jawwad inquired from IB chief that “you are eye and ear of federal government. You should tell who have displayed these banners. Have you done anything in this respect. This is institution of people and not of single person like me.” Justice Jawwad remarked copy of banners will become available from any pole. “We want its result,” he said. Application No 277 has been decided and this case will be fixed for hearing on May 28. Interior secretary and IB chief will file report.

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