Altaf Hussain calls for military takeover

* Says army should take power if elected govt does not join hands with it to fight terrorists
Altaf Hussain calls for military takeover

ISLAMABAD/LONDON: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has said if the government does not support elimination of terrorism then Pakistan Army should take over power to deal with this menace on its own.
Altaf Hussain expressed his views over terrorism and dealing with the militants along with few other issues to a private TV channel on Tuesday. “Pakistan is more important than democracy for us and we cannot imperil our country in the name of democracy,” said Altaf Hussain while expressing his views over the prevailing scenario in the country. He said if the country survives democracy will flourish.
“I will request the army chief and prime minister of the country to come on same page for tackling the terrorists; if the elected regime does not join hands with the army for getting rid of the terrorists then I would suggest the military to step forward on its own,” “Dialogues could be held with only those who are ready to hand over their weapons and accept the state and its constitution and if Taliban are not ready for these all things then a war should be launched against them, instead of the talks,” observed the MQM chief.
“Quaid-i-Azam founded Pakistan and announced that everyone is free for worship according to his faith and believe; there is no compulsion in the religion and none can impose his ideology by force or power of the bullet over the others,” he added. While commenting on war against the terror, Altaf Hussain said he does not agree with those who say that this war has been imposed by the US over us. “How could someone impose their war on others, instead, we adopted this war with our own will for personal gains and our rulers demanded dollars from the US for joining this battle.”
Altaf strongly appealed to people of Punjab to attend the ‘Sufia Conference’ organised by the MQM to tell the Taliban that they will not accept their version of sharia which they want to impose through guns. Altaf made this appeal while talking to office bearers and workers of MQM in Punjab House Lahore on phone. The office bearers and workers congratulated him on organising an historical gathering in Karachi and chanted slogans in his favour. 
Altaf said that people were not willing to speaking against Taliban because of fear. He added he changed the atmosphere of fear by organising a “solidarity rally”. “Taliban are terrorists. They have killed and slaughtered our army, law enforcement agencies personnel and policemen. They beat girls with lashes. They kill girls when they express joy in wedding events. They attack people in mosques and imambargahs. How can we accept their version of sharia? We have always rejected their sharia. We reject it now. We believe in the oneness of Allah, the Quran and the Last Prophet (PBUH),” he added. 

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