PPO violates basic rights of citizens: speakers

KARACHI: Speakers at a seminar criticised Protection of Pakistan Ordinance 2014 (PPO), aiming at to provide legal authorities to the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and to bring out country from terrorism and militancy.
Senior lawyers said PPO would bring out many problems and issues with its implementation.
In a seminar by Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences (IISS) in cooperation with Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) the speakers said PPO was against the basic rights of the citizens and also a move against the social condition of the country.
PPO failed to end the issues of law and order while creating many apprehensions in the society. It was said the PPO was damaging the threads of the state as it was creating more centralisation of power in the federation by violating the basics of the Constitution of Pakistan.
Faisal Siddiqui senior lawyer and lecturer at SZABIST Institute said instead of going through the legal complication of PPO, it needed to be measured on the basis of ground realities, which was in large against such ordinance. The country was facing nationalist, ethnic and religious militancy along with violent criminal activities, to tackle down such challenges the Anti Terrorism Act 1997 and the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas Actions in Aid of Civil Power were already active, he added.
He said the public was sick with the deteriorating law and order situation which made them to accept any move which might give them some sense of protection, therefore public mostly was ill responsive to such ordinance.
He said the issue of law and order in the country would not be resolved with passing legal powers to the LEAs and the social issues, which provided environment for crimes were needed to be abolished.
As he claimed 90 percent of the victims of extra judicial killings were from old city areas, which also had flourishing environment for such elements. 
He said both the state and the society were not accepting the reality issues would not be solved until the social inequality was removed.
Barrister Zamir Hussain of the Sindh Coalition for Civil and Political Rights said law and order was a provincial subject as per constitution of the country but the federal government was violating the constitution by it self denying the division of power to the units and creating more centralisation in the country, which he thought was the main issue of the federation of Pakistan. He said for the well being of the country the federation needed run according to the Constitution.
Hafiz Siddique Memon of Jeay Sindh Mahaz said the powers given to the LEAs through PPO were creating an environment of dictatorship in the country by reducing the power of the Prime Minister.
The human rights were already suspended in the country and also the elections were ragged on mass level in such condition the effects of PPO would be alarming.

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