PESCO raises power tariff by Rs 7.01/unit

* Utility to recover Rs 10bn from consumer on account of fuel price adjustment

ISLAMABAD: Customers of the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) should get ready for a heavy financial jolt, as the Ministry of Water and Power has issued a notification of Rs 7.01/unit hike in the power tariff of the power utility.Official sources in the Power Ministry told Daily Times that the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would now find no relief in their monthly bills, as had been the routine in the last three years. Since the ministry has ended slab benefits for domestic consumers they will now have to face approximately 177 percent increase in the power tariff in the days ahead, they added.
“PESCO would recover around Rs 10 billion from its consumer in 10 instalments on account of fuel price adjustment of the last three years,” an official said. He also said that PESCO has so for not recovered approximately Rs 33 billion from its consumers, as no hike was made in the tariff during the last three years besides no fuel adjustment in the said span of time. He added that the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, after this notification, would be deprived of the relief which they had enjoyed during the last three long years.
Quoting the power hike notification, a top seated official at power ministry said price of power for domestic consumers using 50 units a month has been jacked up by 13paisa per unit while tariff for the consumers who use 1-100units/month has been increased by Rs 1.34/unit, and the tariff for 101-200 units has also witnessed a hike of Rs 1.38/unit. Similarly, per unit price of power for power consumer’s category that consume 201 to 300 units per month have been increased by Rs5.36 /unit. Again, the tariff has been upped to Rs 5.35 per unit on consumption of 301 to 700 units and the tariff for above700 units per month has been increased to Rs 4.71/unit.
Giving details of new price of power for peak hours time of use of the domestic consumer, the officials said that price of power tariff for peak hours would stand at Rs18/unit after a raise from Rs13.29/unit, while power for off peak hours has also been set at Rs12.50/unit by taking it up from Rs6.70/unit. They also said that the power price has been jacked up by Rs5.75/unit while Rs5.80/unit hike for off peak hours of domestic consumers has been notified.
The new price of power for lifeline consumers with effect to power ministry’s notification would stand at Rs2/unit, while Rs5.79/unit for consumer who use 1-100units a month and Rs12.09/unit for consumer’s category that consume 101-200units/month. Also, Rs12.09/unit for power consumers use 201-300units/month, Rs16/unit for consumer’s category that consume 301-700unit/month and Rs18/unit for consumer’s category that use above 700unit/month has been fixed.
Sources also told that power ministry has increased the tariff of commercial consumers by Rs5.84/unit, while Rs4 to 7.01/unit hike in the tariff of industrial consumers and Rs5.39/unit increase in the tariff of agri consumers has been notified. They also informed that power ministry had made no increase in the tariff of PESCO during last three years only because of an order of the Peshawar High Court (PHC) that granted stay order in 2011. However, the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the month of March had declared the PHC decision as null and void, so the power ministry has issued notification of power tariff hike, they added.
It is important to note here that besides giving hike in the power tariff for all categories of consumers, the federal government would provide a subsidy of Rs2/unit to lifeline consumers, Rs9.21/unit to consumer’s category use 1-100unit/month, and Rs8.39/unit subsidy to the consumers who use 101-200unit a month. Similarly, the federal government would provide subsidy worth Rs4.41/unit to power consumers that consume 201-300unit/month and Rs2.50/unit subsidy for consumer’s category who use 301-700unit/month. More, Rs2.50/unit subsidy to the consumer that use above 700unit/month would be provided by the federal government with effect to the notification of water and power ministry. 

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