Mirwaiz wants Kashmir resolution once for all

Hurriyat asks Pakistan, India to boldly start full-fledged peace process

SRINAGAR – Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Sunday said that the leadership of Pakistan and India need to boldly move forward towards the start of a full-fledged peace process for resolving Kashmir issue once for all.

“We reiterate our call to resolve the Kashmir issue once and for all. We call upon the leadership of Pakistan and India to boldly move forward towards the start of a full-fledged peace process,” the Kashmiri leader said in a statement issued here.

Both Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and India’s Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi have been given strong democratic mandate by the people of their respective countries, he said, and expressed the hope that the two leaders would work towards resolving the Kashmir issue.

“It is our ardent wish that they urgently work towards a just and lasting solution to Kashmir issue so that peace, prosperity and stability can become a reality in South Asia,” he said. Mirwaiz also said that the Hurriyat welcomes any immediate steps symbolic or otherwise that might improve the relationship and build confidence between Pakistan and India.

“There must be a serious and result-oriented process of dialogue. For this to happen, Pakistan and India must engage the people of Jammu Kashmir as an active and true partner in the search for peace,” he said, adding that Kashmiris must be involved for any lasting solution. He said resolving Kashmir issue as per wishes and aspirations of the people of the state would require sincerity and statesmanship from all sides and at all levels.

However, the Hurriyat chairman expressed concern regarding various statements issued by members of the outgoing Congress party over the past few days. “Kashmiris have suffered long enough. Those in power and those in opposition share an equal responsibility and moral obligation to be part of the solution. Vital opportunities to gift a peaceful future to our future generations should no longer be consumed in domestic politicking,” he said.

“Let all the political parties of Pakistan, India, and Jammu Kashmir make a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue their shared agenda,” he said. The Hurriyat leader said that Kashmiris would watch the developments between Pakistan and India closely, and if any signs of a serious and courageous effort to find a solution, were witnessed, they would respond with an even greater sense of seriousness and courage.

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