PPP unlikely to take MQM in Sindh govt: Shah


ISLAMABAD: National Assembly opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah on Sunday demanded Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s chief Altaf Hussain withdraw his statement in which he invited the army to takeover the reigns of power.
Talking to media Shah said that Altaf’s statement was unconstitutional and he believes that PPP, which is a democratic party, would not take MQM in the government of Sindh because of the MQM’s track record of inviting army to run the affairs of the country. The demand of Opposition Leader is believed to be a major setback for the efforts underway for PPP and MQM alliance in Sindh government which reportedly have progressed well in the recent weeks.
Shah said that the decision to take the MQM in Sindh government is a daunting task for PPP because of anti-democratic statements of MQM leadership and noted that “withdrawal of statement” by Altaf Hussain is the only way left for such a coalition government in the province. However he observed that it seems difficult that MQM leadership withdrew its statement and because of this situation it would be difficult for any coalition government because PPP didn’t believed in anything except the constitution of the country.
About the peace talks with Talban militants, Opposition Leader reiterated that time frame should be set for these talks as until this has been done, chances of failure of these peace efforts might grow. “We demanded this time frame right from the beginning when the efforts were initiated and emphasize for the same thing to avert the failure”, Shah added. Shah was also critical about exclusion of politicians from the committee to hold talks and said that it is blunder on part of the government to keep the politicians aside from this process. “It appears government has no trust in politicians and have comfort with the bureaucracy by giving them the task”, he quipped.
He said that despite the reservations about the process of talks, he prayed for the success of this peace overture for the sake of people and country. About F-8 district court terrorism incident, he attributed it to the failure of the government and said that opposition has no faith in Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and he should accept his failure. On Hazara province issue, Shah declared to give the stance of the party if the resolution for it is tabled in the National Assembly.

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