US announces additional $9.3 million for IDPs

ISLAMABAD: The United States embassy announced additional contribution of $9.3 million to help the government meet the health, water, sanitation, and livelihood needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).  
These funds will be provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The US government will provide $7 million dollars to UNICEF-Pakistan to improve health, hygiene, water, and sanitation services for the IDPs with the remaining funds used to ensure the health of livestock.  The new funding brings the total US contribution benefiting IDPs from North Waziristan to $17.3 million.  The United States announced $8 million in food assistance for the IDPs on June 26.
Ambassador Richard Olson said, “The United States stands ready to help the government of Pakistan prepare for and respond to the considerable humanitarian needs emerging in the FATA. Our additional $9.3 million contribution reiterates the importance of the partnership between the government of Pakistan, development organisations, and the United States.”
UNICEF-Pakistan will use funds to strengthen existing lady health workers (LHWs) programme and train new LHW staff hosting the IDPs ensuring a timely and consistent delivery of essential medicine, oral rehydration solutions, and essential health services.  UNICEF-Pakistan will use funds to repair and build water facilities and sanitation infrastructure where the IDPs have relocated. The provision of potable water, hygiene kits, the monitoring of water quality, sanitary services and practices among the displaced population to prevent outbreaks of epidemics will also be undertaken. 

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