Cuba on July 26

Very soon, on July 26, we will be commemorating another anniversary of the assault on the “Moncada” and “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” garrisons when so much time has passed since those events took place.
It would be unforgivable not to keep in mind that more than 70 percent of the Cubans who today keep the Revolution alive had not even been born back then. They took the banners which, I´m shure, they will never drop, from those who gave their lives in that action. The Revolution today is experiencing a moment worthy of that memorable date.
Our first war of independence began in 1868. On October 10, the slaves were first emancipated, thanks to the revolutionary gesture of that great patriot, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. He marched towards Bayamo, his troops took the city, and, in Bayamo, that anthem that fills us with pride and moves us every time we hear it was first sung. Defending Bayamo, Máximo Gómez led the first ´machete´ charge against the colonial forces that, coming from Santiago de Cuba, were leaving Baire and heading for the city. There, Cubans discovered their greatest weapon: the `machete’.
In Dos Rios, was spilt the blood of José Martí, the Apostle of Independence, a genius of the ideas, and of the noblest ideas that can ever be conceived; the National Hero of our homeland, whose ideas inspired the Generation of the Centennial on that 26 of July, and today inspire and will continue to inspire more and more all of our people. From the very beginning of our struggle for Cuba’s final independence, on 1959, when the Revolution defeat Batista, the United States policy towards Cuba, have characterized by an exceptional degree of hostility, despite which administration were in the White House.
In addition to terrorist actions, sabotage, blockade, an invasion, and hundreds of attempts against Fidel´s life, from outside, The United States government have invested in excess one hundred million dollars to promote subversion and destabilization inside Cuba. More than any other US administration it has used that country’s Interests Section in Cuba to carry on subversion and espionage against the Cuban Revolution, all standards have been thrown overboard.
The hostility from the United States show us the real interest of that country in having a submissive Cuba, not a free one. To control our economy and mineral resources, to have a slave, not a friend. With their hostility they show us what was the truth. As Fidel says, “It was with the truth that we made this Revolution; it was with the truth that we gained victory; it is with the truth that the Revolution has defended itself”.

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