Senate terms demand for PM’s resignation ‘unconstitutional’

ISLAMABAD: Deploring the alleged use of derogatory language by the two protest marches leaders against parliamentarians, the Upper House of parliament on Friday adopted a resolution affirming the supremacy of the constitution and parliament and. The resolution said that the demand for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation and dissolution of parliament was unconstitutional and called for continuance of the current democratic system. The resolution was tabled by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)’s Senator Saeed Ghani. It read, “This House rejects the unconstitutional demands from certain political parties for the resignation of the prime minister and the dissolution of the assemblies, and deplores the extremely derogatory, defamatory and inflammatory language used by leaders and members of these parties in their speeches.” Earlier, a debate began on a motion moved by PPP’s Senator Farhatullah Babar. “Parliament is under siege by two violent mobs and they are using derogatory language against parliament and the parliamentarians,” Babar remarked as he opened the debate in the House. “Tomorrow militant groups can also come and storm Islamabad and demand control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal,” Babar said. The Senate on Friday admitted a privilege motion moved by Senator Farhatullah Babar for further processing in the secretariat against the alleged vandalisation of parliament by crowds led by cleric Tahirul Qadri and others. The senator said “the triumph of mob” over parliament posed an imminent threat to nation’s security as it opened a distinct possibility that the stick-wielding crowd which had mobbed the Parliament House might also demand control of the security assets of the Muslim world’s only nuclear power.

He said he was not allowed to enter the Parliament’s premises, as roads leading to it were blocked by the mobs and Tahirul Qadri was roaring from the podium on loudspeakers asking the stick-wielding crowd to seal parliament and not let anyone come out or get into it.
Baber said that on the command of Qadri the mob surged forward and began shaking the grilled gates of the Parliament House to bring it down. He said the mob crashed into the Red Zone after some of its leaders publicly pronounced parliament to be fake and un-representative, and instigated them to drag its members out. “A new script of political discourse is being unwittingly written,” the senator remarked. He said similarly Imran Khan, who started his march demanding vote audit ended up with a six-point charter of demand that does not include even the original demand of vote audit. 
Baber said clearly it seems that a deliberate and calculated move was being orchestrated by some elements to first defame and then wind up parliament and the system to pave way for dictatorship. He called upon parliament to rise to the occasion to play a historic role in this critical hour. Meanwhile, stressing continuation of the peace talks, MQM’s Senator Tahir Hussain Mashhadi asked the government to avoid use of force against the protesters because women and children are among them. He noted that the general public, state functionaries and government revenue are greatly suffering due to blockade and marchers.

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