Protest to continue until PM’s resignation: Imran

* PTI core committee proposes ‘temporary resignation of PM’ until commission completes probe into rigging

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday reiterated his demand about the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and challenged all opposition parties in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to stage a protest demonstration in Peshawar ten times tiny in size and the PTI will announce re-election in the province.
He said until and unless, Nawaz Sharif will not tender his resignation the protest will continue. “I have decided to prefer death as compared to living with compromises like injustice, discrimination and dual faced democratic system devised for the protection of vested interests. Until the fall of Sharifs dynasty I will continue my struggle”, Khan maintained.
“Free, fair and transparent election under a “neutral umpire” stands sole solution of problems and would guarantee the advancement of democracy otherwise, our coming generations will have no future and the democratic norms will have no opportunity to flourish in Pakistan,” Imran Khan added.    
The PTI chairman said the real democracy is decorated with meritocracy, justice and equality in comparison to disparity and injustice, which lead to violence, oppression and exploitation of the people by the autocratic rulers. 
Imran Khan said, “The PTI would make the lives of the people of KP easier first and invest the resources to provide them education, health and justice then we will go for the construction of metro bus and other development projects.”
“In real democracy the protest is considered the constitutional right of the people and what kind of democratic norms practiced in our country that under the garb of sit-in the capital is kept under siege illegally,” he asked in a satirical tone. 
Imran Khan congratulated the charged workers and said that the real power lies with the people and no ruler could sustain against the will of the people. On the other hand, Khan said, in Pakistan sham democracy was practiced and alleged ballot stuffing was observed with the connivance of the Election Commission of Pakistan.
“A major portion of our population even has no access to proper food, but the so-called political ruling elite is living lavishly on the taxpayers money and shockingly the poor is getting poorer while the rich is getting wealthier,” Imran Khan said. 
Poverty, hunger and unemployment have compelled the youth of Pakistan to go abroad to earn, he added. The democratic government always worked for the welfare of the people, but Nawaz Sharif only worked for the welfare of his family and dear ones, Khan alleged.
Kaptaan said massive rigging was observed during 2013 elections and the ballot papers were printed in Urdu Bazaar Lahore and distributed among the PML-N candidates. While quoting the interior minister, the skipper said 60000 to 70000 votes in each constituency could not be verified. 
Meanwhile, the PTI core committee has pressed the PM to resign and it proposed a legal way of “temporary resignation of PM” until the completion of findings of the judicial commission probing the poll rigging. Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed and Hamid Khan were present in the core committee meeting.

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