Govt warns of action if PTI, PAT marchers try to move further

* Nisar says ready to remove containers if Imran, Qadri take responsibility of law and order

ISLAMABAD: The government on Friday warned of action if the PTI and PAT marchers attempted to move further from their present positions.
“I am facing pressure from the state as president of two countries have postponed their visits to Islamabad, stock exchange has nose-dived, dollar has reached above Rs 101 and businessmen and all political parties are openly against the sit-ins,” Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan said while addressing a press conference. He said he was not in favour of allowing the protesters to reach the Red Zone. The minister warned the protesters to not cross the containers, saying it was his responsibility to protect the state buildings. 
“They should take it out of their mind that they can attack the buildings as we have the right to self-defence. I want to make it clear to both parties, your freedom ends where my nose starts.” He said the Supreme Court judges have also given some defining remarks on the issue of protesters on Constitution Avenue. He noted the two parties had given a solemn commitment to not enter Red Zone but they entered the area without permission “and made women their shield”.
Nisar Ali Khan said some containers at the sites of the sit-ins on the Constitution Avenue could be removed if Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri personally assured in writing that they will take responsibility for any incident that occurs after their removal. He said containers have been placed for security purpose, as from day one the marchers faced serious security threats. He said there is still a danger. “A senior ISI official has written to us that a vehicle loaded with explosives could strike the capital and marchers. This is not any government official, but one of the top officials of the top military agency,” the minister said.

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