Afghanistan seeks details from US over Pakistanis' release

Official says some foreign agencies striving to fuel instability in Afghanistan

KABUL – The Afghan government on Saturday sought an explanation from the United States after the release of Pakistani prisoners from the Bagram jail in Parwan province.

Reports surfaced that the US military had released nine Pakistani inmates from the Bagram prison, while 15 more Pakistanis are still in their custody. After their release, Pakistanis were handed over to the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) to help them reunite with their families.

Presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi said that Afghanistan asked the US to explain why Pakistani prisoners were set free. It was mandatory for the US military to disclose where the Pakistanis had been arrested and why they were released, he said. "We should know who had investigated the cases of the released prisoners,” he said.

He also asked the US to guarantee the released men would neither return to the battlefield nor fight against Afghanistan in the future. In 2013, the Afghan government took charge of the Bagram from the foreign forces but the latter kept overseeing foreign prisoners.

Faizi acknowledged insecurity had spilled into more areas. He also said that some foreign intelligence agencies were striving to fuel instability in Afghanistan. Afghan security forces were strong and professional enough to ward off any threat. “Our brave soldiers render great sacrifices daily to protect their motherland, demonstrating their loyalty to the country,” he remarked.



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