ISESCO stresses practical strategy against terrorism

Dr Altwaijri suggest cleansing educational curricula and cultural activities from extremist ideas and deviant tendencies

RABAT – Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Director General Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri has stressed that developing a practical strategy based on an Islamic vision of the intellectual treatment of terrorism must rest on the educational, media, psychological and legal reviews of this dangerous phenomenon which should be eradicated through concerted efforts.

In a statement addressed to the second international conference on counter-terrorism organised by the Islamic University in Saudi Arabia, he said that the intellectual treatment must be supplemented with various measures and efforts because combating terrorism necessitates the involvement of all stakeholders with a view to eliminating this heinous scourge with greater seriousness, decisiveness and a heightened sense of collective responsibility.

Dr Altwaijri stated that the organizers of this conference succeeded in identifying the four topic areas and the related issues worthy of further research and review in order to come up with practical answers and solutions. He pointed out that all countries were interested in combating terrorism with the exception of those parties that incite terrorism and support terrorists in one way or another to achieve evil objectives that undermine world peace and security.

In addition, he explained that intellectual reviews were the basis but not the be-all and end-all for practical solutions. This process should not be done in isolation from educational and cultural reviews, he said and pointed out that some of the major intellectual reviews in this regard should include cleansing educational curricula and cultural activities from the extremist ideas and deviant tendencies which call for hatred and violence and run counter to the values of tolerance, acceptance of difference, mutual respect among nations and dialogue between followers of religions, cultures and civilizations.

The ISESCO director general underlined that the choice of the theme of this conference clearly reflects a deep understanding of the required efforts to facilitate the transition of these intellectual reviews from theorization to the practical implementation of plans and strategies.

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