Rabbani proposes ‘charter’ to strengthen democracy

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Additional Secretary General Senator Mian Raza Rabbani has proposed 10 points of the “Benazir Bhutto Democratic Transaction Model” (BBDTM) to strengthen federal democratic system in the country. 
He was addressing the second session of the national conference under the title of “Benazir Bhutto – A National Icon”, organised by the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto chair university of Karachi and IBA. He said if Benazir Bhutto were alive today, she would have taken these decisions to strengthen democracy and the political system of Pakistan. The 10 points Senator Rabbani presented are as follows:
1. A Revisit of Charter of Democracy (C.O.D.) to bring a new convenient between democratic forces reaffirming the commitment to federal and parliamentary structure setting a minimum national agenda. 2. A national consensuses against Intolerance, extremism & terroism in all its forms in manifestation. 3. Protection of the Rights of Minorities, Women and children under the constitution, 1973. 4. A commitment to the process of federalism & devolution under the 18th amendment. 5. Protection of the economic & political rights of the working and middle classes. 6. A harmonious bland between quota and merit in providing jobs. 7. Ensuring academic freedom respecting the autonomy of universities & to allow the provinces to change the curriculum which today teaches a distorted history to suite the agenda of a fundamentalist garrison state. 8. Redefining civil-military relations through a dialogue at all levels that is Executive, Parliament & etc..... 9. To build systems in place of Adhocism for Good Governance. 10. To allow a blossoming of provincial cultures/languages to synthesis in to a national culture. 

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