GPP seminar urges interfaith harmony, peace

ISLAMABAD: Ensuring equality is the only way forward to maintain peace and harmony in society, Global Peace Pioneers (GPP) Chairman Junaid Elahi said while addressing a seminar on interfaith harmony to mark the International Interfaith Day on Saturday.
He further said that the GPP believed that religion should bring people together rather than be a source of dispute and division and that every individual have a responsibility and have much to contribute to the well-being of the country and to building up a true community image where everyone practiced his or her religion freely and live with harmony and peace.
The GPP chairman added that we were going through very terrible times as abhorrence, poverty, marginalisation of individuals and groups, intolerance, violence and unjust behaviours were prevailing around.He said that the GPP’s vision was to live in a community; rather than in a divided world of faiths. He urged all members of the parliament to harmonise their efforts in promulgation of laws for improved standards of cooperation between various religious identities in Pakistan and to enhance patience for contradictory religious beliefs. 
Haroon Sarab Diyal asked: “Why does this disparity exist when the concept of oneness of God existed in every religion and that every religion taught us the lesson of global oneness?” 
He said that peace should prevail in its real terms. “Let us celebrate and cherish the aspects of oneness, love and kindness that bind us together,” he added. 
Rohania Nabeel Zada, an activist from the Bhai community, suggested that everything in nature should be looked after and taken care of. He said that we should invest more in children and youth by developing their capacities in peace building and service of mankind.Presto Harmoon Harold reiterated the fact that every religious book or scripture was written in a simple language and that it were we who have manipulated them accordingly.
“Let us not forget that prejudices and extremist behaviours have no place in any religion and interfaith harmony is core of every religious teaching,” he added. 
Ghulam Hussain Babar, Agriculture University student affairs deputy director, elaborated the need of tangible solutions for peace. He said: “Solution for peace is not possible only through dialogue; rather it has to be built upon prevalence of rule of law based on dignity and justice and this is the message of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).”Appreciating GPP’s efforts, Charnjeet Singh Sagar suggested that the organisation should hold such seminars and activities at universities, colleges and schools so that future generations should not only speak the language of peace and tolerance but they should also know the concepts of oneness of humanity and social cohesion. 
At the outset, one-minute silence was observed to pay respect to assassinated member of Balochistan Assembly, Hendry Masih, and other victims of violence and intolerance against religious minorities. Representatives from Sikh, Hindu, Bhai and Christian communities, representatives of various national and international NGOs, university faculty and teachers attended the event. 

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