Children of lesser god

ISLAMABAD: Ever wonder why the heavens don’t fall even when the innocent blood is spilt.
Since long, the acronym OIC has jokingly been referred to as “Oh I see...!” The framers of this terminology couldn’t be more right. Let Israel bombard Gaza and just stop to see how truly the OIC lives up to its traditional reputation. Yes, the very same “oh I see”, thing. More than 500 civilians dead, innocent souls silenced, dreams shattered, hopes dashed, families broken, dears departed, soul mates parted, minds unnerved, streets bombed, houses destroyed, infrastructure damaged, localities vanished and humanity buried.... and all we get to hear from the OIC is a ‘strong condemnation.’ 
This brutality gets repeated with frequent regularity but the reaction has not improved beyond ceremonial statements, titular resolutions and letters to the UN envoys instead of initiating more pragmatic and political steps to have the bloodshed stopped. And with all their clout, currency and connections, the Arab states, we ought not to hear, stand ‘helpless’ on getting anything go their way, provided, should they want to. Palestine, on this count, is off the priority list of the ‘petrol pump’ states, possibly. May be the Ramazan factor has put in a lot of stress and desert nations are struggling to break their slumber and get to business from the break.
Shaikh Rasheed’s ‘amorous inclinations’ for the ‘angels’ and his apolitical gimmickry aside, the man totally makes sense when he says that Pakistan and Turkey are the two ‘states’ at the OIC, the rest are petrol pumps! Pretty mundane an oration! No, sorry, the pseudo liberals of the new world order have got it completely wrong. No world order, international laws, foreign policy priorities and globally accepted set of diplomatic norms sanction collateral damage under any circumstances even if they entail as crucial a pretext as combating terrorism. For Israel, there are far better ways to effectively respond to presumed terror attacks from a small militant outfit instead of taming the wild traits of savagery that crave too abominable a lust for spilling innocent blood.
Interestingly and enviably, the most powerful voices against Tel Aviv’s brutality have ascended from the West. From public demonstrations, media coverage of Gaza crisis— talk show debates, opinion pieces in leading dailies—featured write-ups— televised documentaries—social media condemnations to civil society’s opposition to Israel’s highhandedness—the dissenting notes from the privileged spheres have made much louder an impact compared to the hollow diplomatic statements and official press releases from the peripheral quarters ceremonially issued in condemnation of Israel’s highest order of ferocity. 
Like the rulers of the Eastern peripheries, the diplomatic and political diasporas on the other side of the globe, in the privileged West, are no different. They have certain ‘compulsions’ that have their throats, tongues and lips kept on a chokehold when it comes to uttering a word against Tel Aviv’s unfolding methods of matchless cruelty. Flying high on the OIC’s tip-toed footsteps of passivity, is our very own UN, the so-called custodian of the modern nation-state system. The UN SC has a quick vein to sanction military actions and humanitarian interventions in the troubled regions across the globe minus Palestine. The ever-smiling Ban Ki-moon is gifted with wise intuitional capabilities—to keep his hands away from the hornets’ nest and never to step onto the grey areas—Applause! The 70-plus South Korean runs the world body’s affairs in materialistically pragmatic strides. Good for him. 
The UN human rights officials may have the tongue, tone and tenor to raise their loud-pitched voices about the states where HR situation is prevalent or where humanitarian response is vital. Gaza, however, is a ‘no-go area’, mind you. And there is something extraordinary about the no-go areas. They recognise no patterns of justice, no lessons of morality and no principles of humanity. The law of jungle is but the order of the day in these regions. Yes, the survival of the fittest phenomenon applies—without terms and conditions— rest assured.
On a satirical vibe, the champions of humanity and the torch-bearers of democracy need not waste off their health and spend sleepless nights worrying about the baton-armed civilian ‘terrorists’ in Gaza. Outnumbered by Tel Aviv’s legions of highly skilled military men, thundering jets and roaring gunship choppers and long weary of state-sponsored terrorism, the Palestinians demonstrate remarkable tendency to do away with pain and plight and start a new life every time the Israel’s Air Force bombards them to ashes. Braving the odds and defeating the tyrannies, this nation’s sky-high ambitions guide it through nerve-wrecking challenges and lead it get past the dark times with dignity and pride— to walk hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with the developed world — These creatures are unique, still, they are the children of lesser god.

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