Imran asks US to keep out of Pakistan’s internal matters

* Asks Washington not to takes sides in the ongoing political crisis

ISLAMABAD: Reacting sharply to a statement made by the United States on the prevalent political crisis in Pakistan and interpreting it as too supportive of the PML-N regime, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan asked the US government to withdraw it.
“His Excellency Mr Olson, we Pakistanis are not the children of lesser God. Will you accept a rigged elections in the US where 60 to 70 thousand ballots cannot be verified?” the PTI chief said while directly addressing the US ambassador to Pakistan atop his container as he addressed thousands of diehard fans and workers at the Constitution Avenue in front of the Parliament House. “I am fully aware with the democratic norms and democracy practiced in Western countries, and you as reasonable man Mr Olson know very well that no one will accept the rigged elections in US and Britain,” Khan maintained.
While condemning the statement issued by the US State Department Imran Khan said: “The US has no right to intervene in our political matters, and we don’t need any No Objection Certificate (NOC) from you.”. “Please don’t take sides and don’t back a stooge like Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif.” Khan said, “We are willing to be friends with the US, but Imran as PM will never be a stooge like Nawaz Sharif and will never accept any dictation from the US,” Khan thundered.  
The PTI chief hoped and predicted that on Saturday the “umpire will raise his finger and declare you (the PM) clean bold,” claiming: “I have decided to stay in the container until the resignation of PM Nawaz Sharif. I will achieve my goal, or die here.” Warning any action or crackdown by the government and security forces would result in dire consequences for the corrupt ruling elite he said, “I will fight for the liberation of the nation from the corrupt coalition of rulers and the opposition parties sitting in the fraudulent parliament through massive poll rigging.” “As long as I live, will stay here in front of parliament until liberating the nation from the Sharifs. We are not breaking any laws and believe the ongoing protest a constitutional right of the people,” Khan added.

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