‘Imran trying to dictate judiciary, election body’

*PML-N spokesman says PTI trying to create political instability *Imran Khan is under psychological pressure

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Muslim League-N has accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan of using negative tactics by trying to dictate judiciary and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and creating political instability to advance the agenda of the enemies.

Addressing a press conference here, PML-N chief coordinator Siddiqul Farooq said that investment process, which began with tireless efforts of the government, would once again come to a halt if PTI’s anti-Pakistan agenda succeeded. He said that the agenda of the PTI to affect independence of judiciary as well.

Releasing a fact sheet in response to the allegations leveled by Imran Khan, the PML-N leader said that the ruling party would hit fours and sixes in the political field to every allegation of the cricketer-turned-politician. He said the PML-N’s victory in the election was with the blessing of Almighty Allah, unprecedented performance record in Punjab, corruption of PPP and its failure to resolve people’s problems, and commitment of Nawaz Sharif to constitution and democracy.

Farooq said that Imran Khan was facing six serious challenges and he was putting national interests at stake to get out of them. He said that Imran was under psychological pressure after failure of the forecast of the poll by Andlleeb Abbas’s survey company that the PTI would clean sweep the elections.

He also said fissures emerged in the PTI over his dictatorial attitude. He said that Imran fears a bleak political future in view of the success of the economic agenda of Nawaz Sharif. He said that Imran was also baffled by a tweet on social media about the PTI. He said that Imran was also facing pressure by the dictation of internal and external patrons.

Farooq advised Imran Khan to accept his defeat in elections from the core of his heart, follow a reasonable course of action instead of implementing agenda of anti-Pakistan forces. He said Imran Khan should also explain reasons for the failure of his government in Pakhtunkhwa and seek apology from the nation for making wrong promises, give up his dictatorial attitude and learn to give respect to his party leaders.

The PML-N leader said that Imran Khan should treat the success of economic agenda of Nawaz Sharif as victory of poor and middle classes of Pakistan and give up conspiracies to turn it into a failure. He said Imran levels serious allegations of 35 punctures on Najam Sethi but when he asked to give proof in support of his allegations, he conveniently escaped and did not respond to the legal notice.

He said it was Imran who asked Nawaz Sharif in 2011 that PML-N should resign from 93 National Assembly seats and dissolve the Punjab Assembly to pave the way for elections. “Now he is trying to dictate the PML-N for checking of thumb impression of four seats,” he said. He asked the PTI chief to look at the reports of foreign observers including the EU and Commonwealth which declared them as a milestone in democratic history of Pakistan.

He said Imran used the FAFEN report in the negative sense which pointed out that there were 38,274 polling irregularities in 263 seats and that comes to two irregularities on the average. Most of these were related to setting up polling stations, convincing and display of party badges. He said the PML-N majority was in line with the surveys of independent institutions like IRI and Gallup which predicted 38% votes to PML-N and 18 to 19 percent to PTI.

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