Sindh Festival: resuscitating the culture of Jinnah’s Pakistan

From Bhittai’s Sufism to Sarmast’s mysticism, from Marvi’s sacrifice to Sasui’s passion, from the lakes like Keenjhar to the deserts of Tharparkar, the ‘Sindhu Desh’ contains in itself the most glorious tales of love, passion and valiance. But with the distorted history books that puzzle the young minds to even decide whether Mehmud Ghaznavi was a hero or a villain, the history remains unexposed, reality undiscovered, and thus the culture stays unrenowned.
Culture is being affected the most as the hyper nationalism and intolerance among the people has reached to its highest. Pakistan’s own Nazis have been splitting the country founded on the very pillars of unity and this division on the lines of ethnicity and sectarianism has resulted in the emergence of the biggest menace called terrorism - which has already cost the millions of innocent lives, and yet continues to leech the blood shaking the depths of this society. With no proper strategy of state to unite the nation against the enemies from within and outside, every single day is marked mourning over the mutilated bodies of loved ones overtly blown up on the streets. In such times, when no citizen is safe, when every person is anxious for his safety, when people are even intimidated to celebrate any festival, how would anyone be reminded of the culture, heritage or history?
Due to the negligence, mainly focus lies upon the negativity and hence the already crippled society is heading towards more destruction. For a society to stand and survive at such hour, perhaps a SUPERMAN is needed to front the blows and help out the people. So, here, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari takes the lead.
Discovered in 1924, Mohenjo-daro is one of greatest and ancient civilizations of the World - known as the Indus Civilization. Pursuing the threats to its persistence, Bilawal has pledged to save this heritage by announcing the biggest cultural festival ever, the Sindh Fest. He commences his journey from Mohenjo-daro, following by Makli, one the largest necropolises of the world situated on the suburbs of Sindh’s district Thatta, and raising funds to save Mohenjo-daro, he pledges to preserve all the heritage sites of Pakistan.
This young trendsetter vows to do what the world has never witnessed before. Unveiling the Super Sindhi logo of Sindh’s initial ‘S’, Bilawal, the youngest chairperson of any political party in the world, announces to weed out terrorism through cultural means. Snatching the limelight from old politicians who remain in headlines for bowing down before all the contenders, he gets the world’s eyes on the ‘culture’ of what they call the most dangerous place on earth.
Before making rest of the world to have a look at the better side of Pakistan, his super manly ideas have already captured the attention of those Pakistanis who had neglected their culture long ago. Bilawal’s Sindh Fest concept has had great influence on the people all around - for nothing that he says/does goes unnoticed. Though he has being bashed by his political competitors for what they term as his ‘nationalistic approach’ to restrict the fest to Sindh only - the province he was born in, nevertheless, his idea has already compelled them to hold similar festivities in the provinces they were recently elected from. Following his trail, the ‘banned Basant’ festivity becomes a part of Punjab Youth Festival, reviving the Basant culture of Pakistan. Another festival is to take place in Peshawar, named as Youth Peace Fest 2014, on January 29. More important to highlight that Turkish Prime Minister on his official visit to Pakistan was seen wearing Ajrak while in Lahore. Furthermore, a morning show of one of the mainstream TV channels arranged a cultural week at a shopping mall in Karachi to celebrate Sindh. Not only the media, the young citizens who used to be too cool to even speak their respective languages are now seen wearing Ajrak motifs, and holding notebooks, in universities, with Ajrak designs. The shopping stalls displaying traditional stuff are now visited more often. It is what I witnessed myself; there must be much more happening around that I may have missed out on. Only the inauguration ceremony of Bilawal’s Sindh Fest has resulted in such great enthusiasm, what impact the whole Sindh Festival will have on Pakistan is yet to witness.
With Bilawal’s vision of ‘Peace Through Culture’, Jinnah’s Pakistan, entangled into mayhem, has now started promoting its craft, music, film, sports, literature, even food, and what not. The expected success of his Fest is already being depicted from the hatred his political rivals have been showing. Nonetheless, culture fandom from all over the world will appreciate his work and he will be titled as the saviour of the culture of Pakistan. So, firm to breathe life into the dead souls and uniting the nation against terrorism, this Bhutto’s soldier is resuscitating Jinnah’s Pakistan. The day is not far when Pakistan will be called, not the most dangerous place, but the most culturally enriched country of the world.
So all the support to our Bhutto’s Soldier, the Super Saeen: Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari.
“Apni saqaafat pey naaz karo, Pakistan sey pyaar karo”

The writer is a student of political science, a blogger and a political activist. She tweets @MaleehaManzoor and can be reached at

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