PTI formally demands Nawaz ouster in first round of talks

* Vows to continue his sit-in until fulfilment of all his demands

ISLAMABAD: Announcing initiation of talks with the government, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran on Wednesday presented six demands to government, including resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
He vowed that to continue his sit-in until fulfilment of all his conditions. “I will not leave this container until the resignation of Nawaz Sharif. I can stay here for a year for liberation of my people from slavery. This is a rotten system devised by the rulers for themselves,” Khan told the crowd. To stir up his supporters, he said that he wanted to march on PM house but felt sorry for him as he won’t be able to sustain pressure. “He is a heart patient and I thought to quit the idea of moving towards PM’s house,” Khan hilariously told the crowd.
The PTI chief said that he demands Sharif’s resignation as impartial inquiry into poll rigging would be impossible if he stays as PM. Quoting interior minister, Khan reiterated that about 60 to 70 thousands votes casted during last elections cannot be verified which means that bogus votes were polled. Moreover, he said that when 14 constituencies were opened for thumbprint verifications and, about 70 to 80 thousand votes were found fake. “How can the PML-N claim that they enjoy mandate of people. The fact is that mandate of people was stolen,” Khan said.
 His next demand was that fresh elections be held in the country under new electoral reforms. If someone believes that PTI had rigged elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Khan said his party is ready for re-elections. “We believe that if elections are held again in KP we will clearly sweep this time. Sharif is afraid of re-elections because he understands that this time he will be denied rigging the polls,” Khan said. He said that electoral reforms are vital to overhaul the election system for holding free and fair elections. He demanded a neutral caretaker government for holding transparent elections under the supervision of new election commission.
The PTI’s another demand was about the constitution of new election commission. He said that all current member of election commission should step down as they have bee exposed while failing to deliver free and fair elections. “In last elections tens of thousands of fake ballot papers were printed from Urdu Bazar in Lahore just two days ahead of polling which were distributed in five divisions of Punjab,” he said while questioning: “Was the election commission sleeping?” Khan’s next demand was that all those who were responsible for rigging should be taken for task and they should be tried under article VI of the constitution.

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