Special children treated to ‘dolphin show’

Special children treated to ‘dolphin show’

KARACHI: Children from various schools, along with their parents, gathered at the Karachi Maritime museum on Tuesday to see skilful performance of mammals. 
However, the ‘dolphin show’ was special, in which different stunts by the dolphins won the hearts of the handicapped children. A large number of special children enjoyed and applauded the show which was held especially for them. With the concept “to serve and provide the best facilities and entertainment” for patrons, dolphin show is being held at 50-ft wide, 80-ft long and 14- ft deep specially-designed pool. 
With cinema quality seating arrangements and the best view to the stage and the pool the museum was jam-packed, and the audience saw some superb performances from special performers whale, dolphin and sea lion. With loud whistles and clapping, children also applauded the two performers, Inga (female instructor from Russia) and Shareef (male instructor from Egypt), who conducted the well-rehearsed show.
For many children it was a dream come true, seeing live dolphins and sea lions. Sea lions and dolphin stars performed a dazzling array of flips; leaps and twists, while the high-energy performance of the dolphin show left the spectators speechless. The mammals, jumping out and splashing back into the water, was an incredibly beautiful sight. The stunt actions of Stephen (whale) were well-trained and amazing. The way he bowled-out instructor Inga in “friendly cricket match” was eye-catching. For cricket fans, it reminded them the Calcutta Test match where Shoaib Akhtar bowled out Sachin Tendulkar.
Sindh Special Assistant Minister for Culture Sharmila Farooqi along with her parents, PPP Senator Saeed Ghani and Sindh Minister Social Welfare and Women Development Rubina Qaimkhani were present on the occasion. Former left arm spinner Nadeem Khan and test cricketers Asad Shafiq, Sarfraz Khan, Sarfraz Ahmed, Asad Shafiq were also present.
Praising the event Sharmila Farooqi said that the show reminded her of her childhood. “I am here with my parents. I feel very comfortable to witness such a wonderful show. Perhaps these types of shows would return the happiness of Karachi,” said the lawmaker. Sharing his experience, Senator Saeed Ghani said: “I had a chance to witness such a show in London. But believe me the delight I got here is more than anything.” 
Test cricketer Faisal Iqbal also lauded the event. “To witness such a special show with special guests, I enjoyed the event like I get pleasure from playing any international match” opined Faisal. “I witnessed great ‘bowling performance’ by Stephen (whale),” said former cricketer Nadeem Khan. “Not only kids, but we also learned a lot from this unique show,” he added. 
Zealous Nadeem Jafri, a prominent artist, who coordinated the show along with Sabeen Hussain also added the cherished moments of children through regular ‘wake-up’ calls for appreciation for the artists. “At all acrobats performance of the mammals one is amazed as to how intelligent the human beings are to teach such skills to the Mammals,” Nadeem told the audience. “It was an enthralling experience providing great entertainment opportunity,” said Irfan Ali, who came to witness the show along with his son and nephew, Mohid and Riham, respectively. 

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