Jhelum’s oil well to produce 3,000 barrels of oil daily

JHELUM: Pakistan’s Potohar District, which is famous for producing military officers and soldiers, has added another feather to its cap.
It will be adding at least 3,000 barrels a day to the country’s vital petroleum mix in a time of severe energy crunch, thanks to a national petroleum exploration company. In the shadow of Shahabuddin Ghauri’s tomb, an 11th century Afghan warrior, Ghauri-X awaits Ministry of Petroleum’s nod to move into perforation phase of the well. Source in the Ministry of Petroleum confirmed the find in Dhameek village in Sohawa hills, which has a viscosity of 23-24 API oil, with low gravity flow. Another source revealed to Daily Times that the new discovery will be able to feed in the national petroleum grid for up to 15 years.
“There can’t be a final word on the well’s life owing to expanding knowledge and innovation in technologies,” a senior official said. Mari Petorleum Company Limited neither confirms nor denies the new discovery. Its engineers proudly claim that drilling of oil well was completed in record 120 days at the depth of 3,990 meters in Sakesar rock formation despite the complex and unpredictable composition of the Potohar geology.
MPCL Managing Director Nadeem Ahmad told Daily Times that there are promising leads from the existing data of the Jhelum block, purchased by the company in 2010. “Our teams are using 3D technology beside other advancements to explore newer reservoirs in Ghauri and other blocks,” he explained. “Our success means helping Pakistan end its energy crisis,” he said, while lauding his team of experts.
He noted that the OGDCL had drilled a well called Shahab I in 1996 about 500 meters from Ghauri X, but it could not successfully reach the desired depth. 
Then another attempt was made in Shahab 1A, but had to be abandoned as well, he said. After the successful testing phase of Ghauri X, the MPCL is all set to begin perforation phase after receiving the government notification. Only 13 kilometres from the Grand Turk Road, the discovery is set to reshape the economy of Sohawa area.

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