Imran to lead ‘Azad March’ into ‘red zone’

PTI chief asks police to decide whether to fire at him or not

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said that he will lead the march into ‘red zone’ of the federal capital on Tuesday when his deadline expires.

“Because I am worried that police is ours and you are also mine and I do not want any clash with police. That’s why I have decided I will lead the march to the red zone,” he said to the protesters. “Police will have to decide whether they will fire at Imran Khan or not. I know the police will not shoot at Imran Khan,” he said.

To the ‘Gullu Butts,’ he said that if they raise arms against workers, they would have no place to hide. He said that the world would witness the power of Pakistanis tomorrow. He asked the party workers to promise that they would follow behind him and that if something happens, he would take the first bullet.

“You have to promise not to embarrass your leader. You have to stay peaceful. Do not break as much as a potted plant. It will be a peaceful march,” he said. He pleaded to the Islamabad police not to engage in violence tomorrow. Imran felicitated his party administration for better arrangements of the sit-in today as compared to past few days.

He said a civil disobedience movement was the best way to get freedom from oppressors. He lamented that the poor has to pay taxes on everything. “In democracy, rulers are answerable to the masses and in monarchy they are not,” he said while explaining difference between democracy and monarchy.

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