Political stalemate — a lesson for PML-N govt

On the eve of death anniversary of Gen Ziaul Haq bells on military intervention are ringing due to swelling political deadlock and inability of the political forces to come off this stalemate. No concrete efforts are being made to break the impasse which is getting more complicated with every other speech of Imran Khan in Islamabad.
The show of Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri is going successful in the federal capital with thousands of their activists demanding resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet despite the fact that the collective number of both gathering is less than a million. It couldn’t become a million march so far yet Imran has remained successful in building up pressure on the government.  
With the new warning of Imran Khan to the government the situation has become even more complicated. The PTI is not only standing at the point of no return but advancing towards the extreme degree. Hours after Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ahmed’s warning to the PTI and PAT to stay away from the Red Zone, Imran during his third address to the sit-in warned the government that the PTI could enter the Prime Minister’s House. “Mian sahib (Nawaz Sharif), you do not remain in any misunderstanding we can enter the red zone and the parliament anytime.” Imran also invited Ch Nisar to quit PML-N and join PTI listening to the voice of his inner self.    
In a political leap a confident Imran has said ‘prime minister Imran Khan’ in a clear indication to the ‘hidden hand’s support’ for the PTI against the PML-N government. This reflects something bad in the air of Islamabad.       
On the other hand, PAT chief Tahirul Qadri, who keeping in view good response from his workers number has started using the word of ‘million inqilab march’ instead of ‘inqlab march’. In his address to workers on Saturday, he announced his 10-point charter of demands. First three demands are regarding premier his cabinet’s resignation. Qadri’s demands also seem unpractical same as the demands of Imran Khan. He rejected the idea of midterm elections and demanded establishment of a national government. 
Another problem for the government is the stance of Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq, who is also mediating talks between PML-N and PTI. The statements and body language of Haq are quite favourable to Imran Khan showing JI’s tilt towards the agenda of Imran. 
“We only differ to Imran in his procedure while the demands are quite suitable to ours. It’s time for the government to come a step back and give sacrifice,” he stated while talking to media.
Nawaz called a meeting of his cabinet members to brainstorm the way out to the increasing stalemate. However, the government remained unable to come up with a solution to the deadlock. It seemed the formula, framework and strategy is nowhere to resolve the issue. The mediating party has changed its stance and starting showing sympathy with PTI in a clear indication for worsening situation for the PML-N.  
Now PML-N cannot rely on the JI chief but the support of the PPP because former president Asif Zardari was supporting the Nawaz regime right from the beginning. The National Assembly session is on Monday and the PML-N still has a chance to muster up more support from other political parties to come out of this mega political standstill.
The military leadership must act wisely and avoid any political adventure listening good lesson from the military coup of history, which did not allow the political institution of Pakistan to flourish in the country. General (r) Ashfaq Kayani was very wise and with a single line statement in support of democratic forces he used to clear his stance and avoid ambiguities under such confusing situations. When Zardari went to Dubai and the country was in dark there were rumours in the air but Kiyani did not intervene.  
It is hoped that the present military leadership would act wisely and help establish the supremacy of constitution.  
The PML-N should also learn a lesson from this episode and mend its ways by shunning away the ‘political dynasty’ rule. The ruling party must focus on the real issues instead of focusing on a few projects for the popularity of their party alone. 

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