Reopening only four constituencies useless

* Qadri says probe into four constituencies cannot change fate of 180 million people

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri said Tuesday that vote recount in only four constituencies, as demanded by the PTI, cannot change the fate of 180 million people of Pakistan. 
“If this point is cleared then we will form an alliance with the PTI soon,” the cleric said. He also said that the government has failed to deliver and thus has no right to remain in power. He stated that Article 5 of the constitution gives the people of Pakistan right to elect the government to govern the country according to the teachings of Islam. Talking to journalists in the Peshawar Press Club, he added, actually, sovereignty belongs to Allah. It is given to people and they have the right to elect some people who represents them and takes care of them. In addition, he said that it is written in articles 8 to 38 of the constitution that a leader should fulfil his responsibilities and provide people with all the basic facilities, including safety of life. Talking on the performance of the current government, the cleric said the government has failed to do its job of giving relief to the people. “The PML-N should not remain in power anymore,” he stated while claming that the government betrayed him the last time but this time he will bring a “revolution”. Qadri asserted that there is a huge difference between the Jamaat-e-Islami and his PAT’s ideology. He said that the PAT has 600 universities, colleges and schools. 

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