Independent justice system ensures rule of law’

‘Justice Minallah calls access to effective justice system fundamental human right

ISLAMABAD – Justice Athar Minallah, judge of the Islamabad High Court, has said that an efficient and independent justice system not only contributes to trust and stability but also ensures the rule of law.

He expressed these views in the certificate-awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one-week training course on ‘How to be an Effective Superintendent’ for superintendents of the sessions courts from all over Pakistan at the Centre of Excellence for Law and Judicial Education at the Federal Judicial Academy on Saturday.

Justice Minallah said that the access to an effective justice system was a fundamental human right and enshrined in the constitution. He said that the court personnel, especially superintendents of the sessions courts play a crucial role in the administration of justice.

“We know that machinery of justice and the law itself forms the basis for the dispensation of justice, when the machinery is faulty, the dispensation of justice itself will not be entirely free from fault. Failure of the machinery of justice, therefore, shatters people's trust in the system,” he said.

“You are under an obligation to create such an environment with your litigant -public-friendly dealing and effective administration of justice, because public first of all at the court comes in your contact, not the judge, which builds an image of independent court system,” he said.

Lauding the training course and its content, Justice Minallah said that the training was an important element to improve the quality and effectiveness. “I have gone through the content of the course and I found it very productive and it will definitely increase the quality and effectiveness of justice in the district judiciary,” he said.

Presenting his welcome speech and an overview of the course, Dr Faqir Hussain, director general of the academy, said this course was designed to provide the participants of the course, whom he called as 'the real face' of the district judiciary, a comprehensive understanding of the conventional and non-conventional subjects so that they can play an effective and efficient role on their part in the dispensation of justice.

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