Saeed asks politicians to unite against Israel

JuD chief demands ‘Muslim Union’ against Christians, Jews

LAHORE – Jaam’at-ud-Da’wah (JuD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has called upon politicians to set aside their political differences and get united to raise voice against Israeli aggression on innocent Palestinians.

Addressing the prayer gathering at Jamia al-Qadsia, Saeed said that they had always promoted unity and national harmony among Pakistanis, and they wished they all get united to protect the innocent people of Palestine.

Besides holding protests in all major cities including Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad and Multan, JuD would also take a mass protest rally – Palestine Unity Caravan – in Lahore on Sunday from Nasir Bagh to Regal Chowk, The Mall to press Muslims to break silence and get united on Palestine.

Saeed said that hundreds of innocent Muslims were being killed in Gaza. “Unfortunately, leaders of Muslim countries are sitting silent while their Muslim brothers are being brutally killed in Gaza,” he said. He also said that the Muslim countries were facing political crisis and national disintegration and it was all because of their silence on brutal killing of innocent Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir.

He said that all Christian and Jew countries were patronizing Israel, and had given it full freedom to kill Muslims. He wished that there should be ‘Muslim Union’ on the pattern of European Union which should protect Muslims of the world from aggression of Christians and Jews.

He said that the US had failed in Afghanistan and with the blessings of Allah, Israel would also fail and with the support of Muslim community, Palestine would emerge as a strong sovereign Muslim state.

Saeed expressed gratitude that religious scholars on the appeal of JuD had highlighted the Palestine issue in their Friday sermons and prayed to the Almighty Allah to give victory to the Muslims against Jews and Christians.

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