‘PML-N returns politics of 90s’

LAHORE - Former prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has regretted the policy of victimization of the PML-N government with anguish adding that it has reverted to the politics of 90s that destroyed the political system of the country replacing it with dictatorship. He said in a statement issued from here on Saturday.

He said that the witch hunting of the PML-N government through the Anti-Corruption Court Central, Karachi, which was under the federal government and clearly established the malafides of the present government. He recalled that he had suffered due to the political victimization of the present rulers previously and had to undergo five years jail which was in fact 10 years under the jail manual.

It should be kept in mind, he added that he was exonerated in the case honorably but who would be held responsible for his spending 10 years of his precious life in Jail. He said that he was arrested by General Musharraf government on the fabricated case prepared by the PML-N government during 90s on charges of audit objections which were resolved either by the department or reconciled by Public Accounts Committee.

He added his case was instead referred to NAB whereas similar case of Chairman Senate was sent to PAC. He was victim of the discriminatory application of the law, he contended. There were two laws in the country, he added. Ex-prime minister Mir Bulkh Sher Mazari telephoned Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani and said that he would come to him to express his solidarity with him.

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