Zardari wants people to protect democracy

ISLAMABAD: Felicitating the nation on 68th Independence Day, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Zardari on Wednesday warned the people to be watchful against looming dangers to democracy in the country.In his message on Independence Day, the former president said, “I wish to facilitate the people of Pakistan whether living within the country or abroad on the auspicious occasion of the nation’s 68th Independence Day.“The Independence Day today is an occasion to celebrate and re-dedicate ourselves to the principles for which our nation was founded 67 years ago. However, these celebrations have also been clouded by looming threats to those pristine principles on which our nationhood was founded.“On this occasion therefore we need to be watchful against the sinister machinations of the enemies of democracy who seem to have suddenly and mysteriously become active again,” he asserted.The PPP leader noted that the ‘actors’ and self-proclaimed saviours of the people wanted to derail democracy. It is not new and the nation has witnessed it in the past, he added. While changing guise, pretexts and diction from time to time, these elements had always sought to push their undemocratic agenda, Zardari said further. “Let us on this occasion resolve to squarely face the enemies of democracy and not let them derail the democratic institutions of the state. Let us resolve to collectively protect and defend democracy and to make Pakistan a truly modern, dynamic and progressive country in which there will be no place for militancy, extremism and dictatorship,” the former president said.He also appealed to the people to be guided by patriotism, reason and rationality and not by narrow partisan considerations in facing the current challenges. “Let no one do anything that will contribute in any way to undermining or weakening democracy in the country. Let us resolve that we will never allow the constitution to be subverted nor the democratic process derailed. Let us rededicate ourselves to the democratic ideals and principles for which Pakistan was created. Let us also reject those who exploit and misuse the name of religion for advancing their personal political agendas.” 

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